Muay Thai is a martial arts style in which the feet, shins, knees, fists and elbows are used as weapons to strike with. The style was developed as a hand to hand combat system for and by soldiers several centuries ago. They developed their techniques and tested their skills in actual battle and this explains It's effectiveness. As these soldiers were returning from war they started competing with each other in matches and this is how Muay Thai evolved into a sport. Through the years the sport became more modernised and less brutal with the introduction of gloves, time limits, weight classes and a point system.TiIl this day it is the national sport of Thailand and a matter of great national pride and culture.



Muay Thai differs from other forms of kickboxing in that it allows clinch fighting, knees, sweeps and elbows. This makes it the most all-round striking style in the world. Besides being less restricted there is also an emphasis on style, strategy and demeanor. This is what makes Muay Thai truly unique.

Strikes should be powerful and effective but at the same time aesthetically pleasing. Muay Thai fights also differ in the way they are being judged and this makes strategy so important. In Muay Thai it's important to finish the fight as the winner which explains why it's not uncommon to see very little action in the first round(s). The fighter who gasses out early in the fight won't be able to win the last two to three rounds and almost always loses on points. Lastly there is demeanor, the way someone carries himself in the ring. Part of this is not showing any fear, fatigue discouragement or pain as to give off the appearance of being invincible. Keeping up this stoic demeanor requires a tremendous amount of mental strenght and makes the opponent doubt himself. Thai fighters are known for these qualities. 


Training at Naka Muay Thai is very much focused on technique and effectiveness.  We constantly test our skills and strategies in the ring against all kinds of opponents. If it doesn't work we won't teach it. We will teach you to fight smart but we are always focused on finishing the fight.

We put a conscious effort into offering a varied training program in a physical fitness as well as in a technical sense. We are not in the business of just making you tired and sending you home. The training will definitely make you fit but it’s also our job to give you a deeper understanding of the techniques, strategies and when or how to execute them. There is more to Muay Thai than endless repetitions of 1,2’s and kicks on the pads.


A typical Muay Thai group training takes about 2 hours and consists of a warming-up/running, shadow boxing, technique training with a partner, bagwork, padwork, clinching/sparring, additional fitness and cooling down. Things may vary depending on level, amount and demand of the group. If you train twice a day we will adapt the training accordingly. Emphasizing different aspects in each session.


A typical private training takes about one hour and consists of a short warming-up, lots of technique training with an emphasis on the correction form and execution. During private training we spend more time on explaining techniques and strategies than during group class. The technical part is followed by padwork and conditioning at the end. We recommend private training for beginners as you will improve a lot faster due to the personal attention the trainer can give you.Our gym is known for it’s high quality private 1-on-1 training. You won’t be dissapointed!