1 session (half day) 300 baht -1 week (6 sessions) 1400 baht

2 sessions (full day) 500 baht -1 week (12 sessions) 2200 baht


We can arrange cheap and comfortable rooms close to the gym. The rooms are provided with a fridge, TV, internet, bathroom, hot water, a comfortable bed and a balcony. This is all included into the price. No extra bills.

Day prices:

Fan rooms start from 350 baht per day.

Airconditioned rooms start from 450 baht per day.


Month prices:

Fan rooms start from 6500 baht per month.

Airconditioned rooms start from 7500 baht per month.




We also have good quality motorbikes for rent.

Day prices:

Ranging from 150-200 baht per day depending on the motorbike.

Month prices:

Ranging from 3500-5000 baht per month depending on the motorbike.